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These lashes are made from bionic synthetic silk fibres which makes them 100% vegan and cruelty free. These lashes are super soft, light weight with a flexible band which mimic your natural eyelash hairs.

Having a flexible band makes them easier to apply as it shapes to your eye better whilst also making it more comfortable to wear!

You can reuse our lashes up to 10 times with the right care which is why we you get a beautiful box to keep them in.  These boxes magnetically close which will allow easy storage to keep your lashes safe in between uses!

These lashes are perfect for a FULL GLAM look!


We recommend these lashes for Upturned eyes!

This gorgeous eye-shape is very similar to almond shape eyes but with an upward lift at the corner.

These lashes that gradually increase length towards the outer edge will emphasise that beautiful upward lift!